6 AdWords Secrets for Every Auto Dealership

26 December 2017

Pay-per-click (PPC) marketers in auto dealerships are constantly in search of improved adwords strategies, which can take their ads further while reducing costs. 

Check out some of the lesser-known AdWords secrets to improve your car sales.

AdWords Secret 1: Don’t Forget Local Audiences

Your car dealership is not selling or servicing cars throughout the globe, and it’s not necessary to advertize as such. Ads that are locally-focused help in increased sales rather than globally targeted ads. 

The geolocation of your car dealership plays a vital role in improved search rankings. 

AdWords Secret 2: Target In-market Audiences Too

In-market audiences are mostly overlooked by PPC marketers. These are your prospective customers who are likely to purchase your cars any day. The list of in-market audience includes both people who have visited your car dealer website as well as newbies looking for dealerships.

The setup of the list into the ad group hardly consumes any time, and it will boost your click-through rates (CTRs), conversion rates, and car sales. 

AdWords Secret 3: Group Similar Audiences

The data in your customer relationship management (CRM) system helps in grouping similar audiences, which in turn enables better targeting of advertizing. 

This helps you in targeting your ads by similar audiences, demographics, and interested customers. 

AdWords Secret 4: Make Use of AdWords Scripts 

Managing too many ads becomes challenging as your business grow. AdWords Scripts is a great way to automate some of the common tasks during setting up of your campaigns. 

This is cost-effective and saves your valuable time, which can be utilized for better ad planning. 

These AdWords Scripts are easy, readily available online, and needs no technical expertise. For instance, URL checker script, campaign builder script, budget pacing script, etc. are available. 

AdWords Secret 5: Avoid Keyword Conflicts

There are chances of your negative keywords stopping the display of your main keywords, due to keyword conflicts. Also, these negative keywords are ignored in the conflict report. 

A script or software can help avoid this conflict, leading to more effective ad campaigns, which in turn, prevent loss of potential customers. 

AdWords Secret 6: Keep an Eye on Negative Keywords

Negative keywords have to be carefully chosen both in search ads and Google display network (GDN) ads. In GDN ads, the negative keywords tell AdWords not to show the ad on pages that contain these keywords. It’s recommended that negative keywords shouldn’t be used in customer-based ads as it may cost you potential customers.

Regardless of the sites, audiences visiting the site matters and negative keywords will prevent certain group of audiences from viewing your ads. 

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