4 Social Media Ideas to Sell Used Cars

13 December 2017


Unlike brand new models backed by massive OEM advertising, used car sales depends more on one-to-one persuasion. Even the same model with roughly the same miles could differ a lot in quality, price, and dealer margins.

Here are four social media ideas to spruce up your used car sales.

Used Cars Sales Idea 1: Pictures, Please!

Again, every used car is different. Even the very same models and trims, with roughly the same miles, could vary a lot, depending on usage and care. That’s why visual marketing is important to improve used car sales.

Use a lot of pictures in used car marketing, highlighting the pre-owned model in the best light you possibly can. While you're at it, remember to use some pictures of the very car you are selling, and not just generic model pictures alone.

Used Cars Sales Idea 2: Use All of Social Media

Most dealers are good at using Facebook and Twitter for auto dealer marketing. But what about Instagram and Pinterest?

Both Instagram and Pinterest deliver amazing results when deployed with imagination and attention to detail. For instance, paying attention to the alt text is important to get your car pictures to the right audience.

Always remember to add a clear description and why the ride is a good deal at the price.

Used Cars Sales Idea 3: Add Videos

Of all the marketing tools, video works best when it comes to capturing prospects for a longer time and driving them to your auto dealer website or showroom.

When making used car videos, remember to tell a deeper, engaging story of a lovingly cared for car, while walking prospective customers through the car.

Just 60 seconds is usually enough to convey a powerful story, when you have the right story-boarding format to make used cars videos.

Used Cars Sales Idea 4: Create a Process

Create a process for used cars marketing, and then adhere to it. As soon as a used car comes in, schedule photography and video after a proper clean up.

Once the car is added to the pre-owned inventory, publish on social media platforms. Then repeat at dissimilar intervals, to target social media users who login during different time slots.

Remember, it may take 13 or more touch-points before a prospect finally makes a purchase decision. Keep at it and you will get better margins.

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