The Need of Data Consolidation for Your Car Dealer Website – Part 2

06 June 2019


As we mentioned in the first part of this article series, data consolidation involves collating relevant from various sources of data available to your car dealership. If your auto dealership staff isn’t able to get information at a time when they need it, your car dealership may be losing out on a lot of potential sales opportunities.

In the second part of this article series, we have listed out some more reasons for your auto dealership to actively work on consolidating all data available to it.

Prevents Loss and Wastage of Time

Any auto dealership staff member will know the pain of waiting for frustratingly long amounts of time just to get a report. Research surveys conducted at auto dealerships have actually shown that employees spend more time trying to access data than they spend on actually putting it to use. 

This is something that data consolidation can take care of efficiently.

Enables Client Needs to be Met More Often

If your data is not consolidated, you are handicapped when it comes to triggering the right engagements at the appropriate time. As a result, your customer satisfaction levels tend to suffer. 

An example of this would be your email marketing platform not able to access your CRM data. This can cause your customers to get the wrong email follow-up or wrong re-targeting ad after a showroom floor visit, which leads to reduced customer confidence in your car dealer website operations.

Car buyers these days are used to relevant and timely engagements in their purchasing journey, and they expect nothing less from your auto dealership. Lack of data consolidation can certainly get in your way of capturing these customers and retaining the auto dealership’s existing client base.

By ensuring data consolidation, your dealership can cut down on waste, maximize the impact of your marketing budget and efforts, and boost your bottom line.

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