How to use Mobile Tech for Auto Dealership

28 May 2019

Every auto dealership has its share of accomplishments and challenges. Mobile technology can help your dealership meet some of these challenges and facilitate your car dealer website to boost sales figures and revenue.

More and more prospective car buyers are now turning to mobile platforms to research and kick start their vehicle buying journey. That’s why it is important to make your car dealer website mobile-centric.

In this article, we list out a few ideas on how to use Mobile Technology for Auto Dealership.


Engage, Engage, Engage

Whether they’re potential buyers or existing clients, the car buyers of today rely on their smartphones more than any other medium of communication. Customers prefer the convenience of mobile devices, and vehicle buyers who use their mobiles to browse your car dealer website are nearly 75% more likely to visit again.

Research has shown that frequent web engagements along the vehicle purchasing journey is the primary driver of visits to a car dealership. Whether it is receiving information about offers, special promotions and events, or more serious things such as roadside assistance, customers  value the ease of interacting with auto dealerships on mobile platforms.

Let Mobile Analytics be Your Guide

Car dealer websites can use mobile analytics to measure performance and take decisions that help maximize vehicle sales and service department performance. The results obtained from analytics can be used to deliver highly personalized experiences to maximize the potential of every opportunity.

Thanks to mobile analytics, dealers can proactively search for customers that are in the market for a new vehicle and work on connecting with them and persuading them to visit the showroom floor.

It’s Easier to Use Geofencing

Geofencing is a concept which enables an auto dealership owner to set up a virtual perimeter around the dealership, and it automatically triggers when a potential customer passes through this zone.

A car dealer can use geofencing technology to send out a personalized message at the appropriate time to prospective customers, which encourages them to visit your showroom. In addition to potentially increasing sales, smart use of geofencing can even give a car dealership’s service department a boost.

However, mobile tech comes with new challenges, and one of the biggest ones is showrooming, which is when a car buyer visits a dealership to research a vehicle and then goes online to find a better deal from a rival dealer. With geofencing, dealers can know if a prospect is heading for a competitor, and try to win them back by immediately sending out a better offer.

Using Mobile Tech to Deliver Exceptional Value

Mobile technology can be used to deliver engaging experiences. For example, by enabling customers to directly schedule a service from their smartphone, as well as giving them access to their service history, in order to improve their ownership experience.

Delivering exceptional value is a practically guaranteed way of retaining customers and making them return to your car dealer website for further business.

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