Tips to Protect Your Car Dealer Website from Negative SEO

04 June 2019

Several tricks exist to hit car dealer websites with negative SEO, and many of them may be put to use by rival dealers in order to bring down your auto dealership website rankings. They can use the same tricks to boost their online rankings as well. 

For example, rival dealers can build multiple low quality links to your car dealer website. Poor links will hit your car dealer website rankings badly. 


In this article, we’ll give you a few tips to help protect your car dealer website from negative SEO tactics.

Tip 1: Check for Duplicate Content

Content duplication, also known as scraping, is possibly the most common and easiest to implement a negative SEO technique to pull down your car dealer website ranking.

Your content can be copied and then posted repeatedly on various websites. Such plagiarized content needs to be quickly identified and reported or taken down.

Tip 2: Regular Link Audits is a Must

Auditing links should be a part of your car dealer website’s monthly SEO activities, in order to remove poor quality back links or protect the good ones.

Link audits are also the best way to track modified links and spam links. If link spamming is detected, report it to Google and disavow the links as quickly as possible. 

Tip 3: Monitor Your Google My Business Account

Google reviews are valuable and trusted by most visitors. If fake negative reviews are posted about your car dealer website, it can cause severe damage to your auto dealership’s reputation.

This is a clear negative SEO attack inflicted on your car dealership. Watch out for these, flag the reviews, and send the report to Google.

Tip 4: Always Keep an Eye on Your SERP Ranking

You can never predict when someone could attack your car dealer website. The best way to ensure that these attacks do not go undetected is to keep monitoring your search engine result page (SERP) ranking on a regular basis. 

In the majority of cases, site crawling is affected by negative SEO and therefore, it’s highly recommended to check it periodically. Google ranking software can be an effective tool in checking SERP ranking and the crawlability of your car dealer website.

Tip 5: Check Your Social Media Mentions

To project a negative reputation about your auto dealer website, attackers can create fake social media accounts under the brand name of your car dealership. It is very important that you identify these fake profiles and report them before they begin to gain followers. 

There are several reliable online tools that can be used to identify profiles that are using your brand name.

Tip 6: Protect Your Website

Cyber attacks are definitely on a rise, and its best that car dealer websites take a proactive approach to protecting their website.

Ensure that the content management system (CMS) you use is regularly updated and protected.

This is old news but, if you’re still using HTTP, migrate to HTTPS as soon as possible for better security and higher ranking.

Tip 7: Site Speed Matters

To deliver the best user experience (UX), your car dealer website's loading time matters a lot, and it also happens to be a key ranking factor. Auto dealerships must measure their website loading speed regularly, and quickly fix any issue that may be causing the website to slow down.

For more tips on protecting your website from negative SEO, Contact Us. 

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