Social Media Trends for Car Dealer Websites in 2019

31 May 2019

Social media is constantly innovating to offer better features that add more value to their platforms, in order to keep their appeal high.

In addition to helping users engage better with their favourite brands online, these modifications also provide auto dealers an opportunity to capture new prospects and keep their existing audiences engaged, using a wide array of tools and tactics.

In this article, we will give you an overview of what vehicle dealerships can look forward to in the social media space.

Using Data to Enhance Customer Experience

The worries about data privacy will continue to exist for several years to come. However, there is little doubt that the social data available with networks will be used for creating better user experiences. 

An important trend that is set to become even bigger is personalization, which involves delivering content, offers, deals, and so on that are designed exclusively for very small groups of customers.

In order for auto dealers to contact their clients more easily, platforms such as WhatsApp have come up with versions that specifically cater to business owners. These versions enable them to sort and respond to customer queries as quickly as possible using automation.

Live Videos Continue to be Popular

Live videos have been around for some time on YouTube, but its popularity across Facebook and now Instagram has made it a good opportunity for marketers to take advantage of. 

What makes it really powerful is the level of engagement that live video offers to its audience.

It also has the ability to build bonds between car dealers and their social followers. Live videos feel more authentic than regular videos, and this human touch helps improve client relations substantially.

Customer Service Backed by AI

From chatbots to social media ad campaign optimization methods and everything in between, companies have been quick to adopt AI into their day to day operations, customer service and customer engagement. Car dealer websites aren’t lagging far behind either.

We’re in a world where millennials are fast becoming one of the largest buying segments, and they rely a lot on technology when dealing with  auto dealerships. Solutions like Data Analytics can help dealers to engage with millennial buyers  better.

The Move from Text to Visual

Video continues to rule the social space as it has during the past few years. Research has already shown that over three quarters of what we will soon consume on the internet will be video content.

Organic social media for car dealer websites is steadily on a decline, and in order to continue enjoying top-of-mind recall among interested buyers, auto dealers must focus on building relations with online influencers in addition to investing in new content such as live videos.

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