How to Boost LinkedIn Engagement for Car Dealer Websites

30 May 2019

As an auto dealer, you are certainly aware of the significance of sustaining an impressive local presence on different social networks. If your car dealership wants to specifically target professionals, no one else can match the reach and capability of LinkedIn. 

In this article, we’ll list out a few points that can help the LinkedIn marketing initiatives of your car dealership.

Interact Through Comments

The golden rules when it comes to LinkedIn posts and comments are to:

1. Keep them brief

2. Ask intelligent questions

Put up a post or comment if you have an opinion that you would like to share, and then invite the followers of your auto dealership’s LinkedIn channel to respond to it.

It is significantly better if you’re able to back up the posts and comments with compelling evidence, since prospective customers will then see your auto dealership as a subject expert. 

Additionally, like and reply to the comments that your followers post. Doing this is one of the most guaranteed ways to further drive engagement on its LinkedIn profile.

Occasionally Try Posts without URLs

Every piece of online marketing advice will tell you that the engagement level of your target audience goes up when a social media post includes images, videos, and URL references. This is definitely true on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, but a different angle may work  for boosting engagement on LinkedIn

Interestingly, studies have shown on multiple occasions that LinkedIn posts without URLs ended up receiving around triple the number of views as posts that include URLs to other third party websites.

Make Your Updates Public

In order to make your LinkedIn status updates visible to everyone who uses LinkedIn, you need to enable the setting to make all posts publicly visible. 

Once you post your content on the LinkedIn profile of your auto dealership, you can share it on the other social media profiles of your dealership such as a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. 

Sharing posts publicly is one of the best ways of promoting it on other social networks, as it increases engagement and improves your profile’s visibility online.

Share Native Videos

LinkedIn provides your auto dealership with the ability to either record a new video within the app itself or publish an already existing video from a mobile device. 

In reality, LinkedIn actually gives a higher priority to native videos. 

Keep a Tab on Changes

Making modifications to your LinkedIn posting schedules so as to improve engagement is always a good idea, but you need to keep a close eye on the results. 

Ensure that your auto dealership interacts well with those who share your content on their profiles, as they are likely to be your most loyal followers. Recognizing their efforts and giving them incentives is a brilliant way to generate even better engagement on LinkedIn for your car dealer website.

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