Profitable Social Media Marketing for Car Dealerships: 7 Tips

07 August 2017

Initially, social media in car dealerships was all about likes and shares but now, the action is shifting to measurable sales results as well. An effective social media marketing strategy will need time and resources, but it can drive a lot more traffic to your dealership website or showroom. 

Here are 7 tips for profitable social media marketing for your car dealership.

Tip 1: Evaluate Before You Act

Before directly jumping into social media marketing, it’s always better to put your ears to the ground, and start with background research and benchmarking. Understand which social media strategy is working for your car dealership as well as your competitors. 

Find the weak spots in your competitors’ social profile and build your strategy to work around it. The effectiveness of time spent on research will certainly pay off. 

Tip 2: Update Your Technical Expertise 

Social media interactions are simple, but it’s challenging when it comes down to social media marketing. So, updating your skills on technology plays a vital role. Specialize in these areas:

  • Social media platform features
  • Influencer outreach and tracking
  • E-commerce platform integration
  • Graphic design software utilization
  • Content management 

Tip 3: Create Your Roadmap

The next step is to make a profitable strategy for your automotive dealership. With insightful research and technical knowledge, you can plan a clear roadmap, with emphasis on tackling weak areas. 

The plan should include:

  • Your audience profile and their preferences
  • Finalizing the social media platforms to act on
  • Creating particular content to match the platform
  • Choosing the best tool to measure success

Tip 4: Create Interesting Content

Build your brand through interesting and engaging content, one post at a time. Your content should evoke emotions and encourage the readers to take further action. Compelling visuals, effective copywriting, and insightful offers will help in achieving even challenging marketing goals.  

Tip 5: Paid Marketing Works

There is no doubt that exceptional content works. But that doesn’t mean that you should totally ignore paid marketing. 

Through paid marketing, you can target more specific audience segments and expect to see more conversions. It involves understanding the format of the paid ads on various platforms, the creativity required to trigger better engagement, and clear data analysis and monitoring. 

Tip 6: Interact More, Ignore Less

It is a known fact that social media is a two-way interactive platform. If you just invest in content and ignore your followers, you are not going to see results. When prospects message you, you should be able to respond quickly and set the right expectations. 

Develop a process to engage with your customers, and track and monitor these engagements. This will not only improve customer service, but also the reputation of your car dealership.

Tip 7: Measuring Your Effort

For any effort made in marketing, you have to measure the return on investment (ROI). This can be done by analyzing:

  • Impressions, reaches, and conversions
  • Brand awareness created using social media
  • Post effectiveness

There are various social media monitoring tools that help in measuring your ROI. 

For more tips on profitable social media marketing for your car dealership, Contact Us.


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