Facebook Messenger Advertising for Auto Dealers

08 August 2017

With 1.2 billion active monthly users, Facebook Messenger is a powerful messaging platform. Now Facebook is gradually rolling out FB Messenger ads to advertisers, including car dealers. 

In social marketing, the early adopters often receive disproportionate returns for their efforts. That’s why the time to jump on the Facebook Messenger marketing opportunity may be NOW!

Presently, Facebook ads will appear on the home tab of the app, and not in messages. Unlike sponsored messages which require dealers to have a previous conversation with prospects, Facebook Messenger ads allow dealers to target anyone on the home tab of their Messenger app.

If the advertising goal of the dealership is to drive traffic to the dealership website or a specific landing page, dealers can select theWebsite URL option and key in the URL. This dealership landing page will appear in a Messenger browser when prospects click on your ad.

If the dealership advertising goal is to start a conversation inside Messenger like a sponsored message ad, dealers can select the Messenger option. Once prospects click on the ad to start a conversation with the car dealership, dealers can send them sponsored messages. 

Considering that about 70% of prospective car buyers click on Facebook ads if they happen to see one, the Facebook Messenger Advertising opportunity is especially important for auto dealers.

For more information and help with setting my Facebook Messenger advertising, Click Here.


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