How to Choose the Right Digital Marketing Partner for your car dealership

01 August 2017

Digital Marketing drives your auto dealership’s web visibility, enhances profitability, and helps you to reach a wider audience. With a strong automotive digital marketing initiative, your dealership can stand out from the competition and build trust with your customers. To make all these possible, you need to choose the right automotive digital marketing company.

Here are a few tips to help you choose the right automotive digital marketing company for your auto dealership.

Are they interested in learning about your brand?

The digital marketing company must show interest in learning about your auto dealership – its history, goal, motto, etc. Without understanding these, it would be difficult to create an effective digital marketing strategy. Ads and website content created around wrong brand inputs simply won’t work.

It is the automotive digital marketing company’s duty to collect this information from you, and it is your responsibility to provide the right information about the past, present, and future plans of your auto dealership.

With this detailed information, it’s easier for the digital marketing company to design a strategy that suits your needs. 

Communication Matters a Lot

Effective day–to-day communication between your sales and marketing teams and your digital marketing partner is key to your online marketing success. 

Here are a few questions to ask your prospective digital marketing partner.

  • Will there be a dedicated team for our auto dealership?
  • What will be the means of communication and how often?
  • Will our calls be immediately answered and responded to? Is there an escalation process in place?
  • How do you expect us to provide marketing feedback?

If you get satisfactory responses for these questions, then your prospective digital marketing partner is likely to be reliable and effective.

Look for Customizable Solutions

No two auto dealerships are the same; every digital marketing company worth its salt should know this and tailor their efforts to meet your needs. 

If you have any plan in mind for your dealership, they should be able to listen, understand, incorporate, and improve it. 

Know Your Metrics 

Every digital marketing activity is measurable. Find out from the digital marketing company how they propose to measure the efficacy of their digital marketing, including new visitors, site visitors, bounce rate, exit rate, leads, conversion rates, traffic by sources and channels, return on investment, etc. Apart from tracking details, your digital marketing partner should be able to generate insights reports to help you with lead conversion.

In case one digital marketing strategy doesn’t work as expected, find out if they have fallback plans in place. 

Ask for a Holistic Approach Plan

As you know, Digital Marketing includes several channels to promote your auto dealership like social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click marketing, content marketing, etc. Your automotive digital marketing partner should be able to smoothly handle all these seamlessly and show results.

Request information on previous projects handled by them and their case studies to see how they have proven themselves in their niche.

For more information on choosing the right Automotive Digital Marketing Company, Click Here.


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