10 Facebook Live Ideas to Promote Your Car Dealership

23 November 2017


Facebook Live is a hot new social media trend which lets car dealers share real-time videos with their fans, friends and followers, right from the dealership – vehicle videos, service videos, customer reviews, videos of dealership operations, and more. 

Here are some powerful Facebook Live video marketing ideas for your dealership.

Facebook Live Idea 1: Showcase Your Car Dealership

Go on a live tour of your car dealership and showcase your awards, appreciation certificates, happy employees, in-showroom customers, and more. This will improve your dealership brand recall, and drive more web traffic and showroom footfalls. 

Facebook Live Idea 2: Present Your Unique Advantages

If your car dealership offers something unique and different, then prospective customers will take notice. Show them a compelling feature that sets you apart from the others.

Facebook Live Idea 3: Create Frequent Videos

Don’t just stop at one video and disappoint your Facebook followers. Create frequent videos at a particular time of the day and engage with them regularly.

This will boost your brand recall as well as result in yet more likes and shares.

Facebook Live Idea 4: Announce Your New Releases

Your Facebook Live videos can showcase new car launches at your dealership in real-time, building anticipation and excitement. 

The launch event can be used to promote the new vehicle with Facebook Live special offers.

Facebook Live Idea 5: Explain New Car Features 

The key features and specifications of the newly launched car can be demoed through Facebook Live. 

This is a great way to attract car enthusiasts who are planning to buy a new ride.

Facebook Live Idea 6: Surprise Customers with Exciting Offers

Who wouldn’t like exciting offers?Just about everyone would be hoping to receive one. These offers can be announced via Facebook Live for your loyal customers and followers.

Facebook Live Idea 7: Go for a Live Test Drive Video

There are millions of car-lovers who are viewing recorded car test drive videos every day, including thousands of prospects from your local area. If your dealership provides them with a live test drive video, then you can expect more web traffic, test drive requests, and showroom visits. 

Also, your followers will be waiting in anticipation of the next video test-drive.

Facebook Live Idea 8: Host a Q&A Session

One of the best Facebook Live ideas is to shoot a Q&A session, which will answer questions from showroom visitors as well as Facebook followers in the video comments. 

This will result in more customer engagement, give you valuable feedback, and also help you come up with new content ideas for your car dealer website and blog.

Facebook Live Idea 9: Shoot a ‘How To’ Video

There are several new features in cars that the customers are seldom aware of. Plan for a few ‘How to’ videos which demonstrate these features. 

This will result in a lot of new Facebook likes and shares, and will also drive more traffic to your car dealer website.

Facebook Live Idea 10: Invite Special Guests

You are already aware of the effectiveness of Influencer Marketing. Invite special guests related to the automotive industry to your Facebook live video and attract their fan followers as well. This is one of the best ways to build your dealership brand awareness and recall.

For more Facebook Live ideas to promote your car dealership, Click Here.


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