15 Unusual Link Building Ideas for Your Car Dealership

24 November 2017


Link building is one of the important aspects of search engine optimization (SEO), which improves your car dealer website ranking. 

Here are some unusual link building ideas.

Link Building Idea 1: Make use of Your Connections

Tag people who have linked to you earlier, since they liked your content. They could be even waiting for your new post. 

Link Building Idea 2: Steal From Your Competitors

Learn about your competitors’ link building strategies and follow the leads. The groundwork is ready for your dealership and your auto dealer website ranking will also improve without much effort.

Link Building Idea 3: Gain Opportunity from Broken Pages

Identify links to the broken pages in your niche, create meaningful and complete content, and use it as an alternative to drive more traffic. 

Link Building Idea 4: Arrange for Engaging Events

Launch events as and when possible and publish the news online. The audience who are interested will enroll themselves and tag their friends who might be interested as well. 

This will bring links and drive huge traffic.

Link Building Idea 5: Create & Share Great Content

Create high-quality content with professional help and share across all social media platforms. This will increase your link juice and website ranking.

Link Building Idea 6: Thank Your Influencers with Your Success Story

You might have followed influencers and implemented their ideas in your marketing. First, share your success story and thank them for educating you. 

Influencers will feel happy and mention you in their posts.

Link Building Idea 7: Enter Into the Shotgun Skyscraper Approach

Search for a skyscraper article in the automotive industry, make a better version, and convince those linking to the previous article to link to your improved version. 

This will help you create many skyscraper articles rather than just one.

Link Building Idea 8: Publish in Press Releases

Even if Google doesn’t consider press release links for the website ranking, the press release will generate natural links to your website through organic searches. 

Link Building Idea 9: Contact the Commenters on Popular Posts

Commenters on popular posts usually have a huge following and they will be involved in communities. Reach out and persuade them to mention you in their future comments.

Link Building Idea 10: Allow to Embed Your Images & Videos

Allow your audience to easily share and embed your images and videos along with the link. This will drive traffic and links from image- and video-related platforms. 

Link Building Idea 11: Leverage User Ratings  

Review sites are often regarded as authoritative sites. Write reviews on review sites that allow backlinks to your website. 

Link Building Idea 12: Debunk Popular Myths

If you demystify popular myths in the automotive industry and provide solutions, then your car dealer website is likely to gain a lot of backlinks.

Link Building Idea 13: Conduct & Participate in Interviews

Interviewing influencers or famous personalities in your niche and sharing them on online platforms is a great link garnering idea. Being interviewed by others will also bring good links to your website.

Link Building Idea 14: Reclaim Your Links

If some other brand is mentioning your dealership or using your images without linking to your website, then request an attribution link from them.

Link Building Idea 15: Be the First to Break News

People look forward to breaking news, especially, in the automotive industry. Be the first one to surprise your audience with the latest breaking news, to attract a large number of back links.

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