7 Reasons Why Car Dealers Should Blog

27 September 2017



For car dealers, blogs are an important digital channel not only to directly attract potential new customers to car dealerships, but also to improve the search engine rankings of car dealer websites. If you have not started blogging yet then now is a good time to invest time in it.

An interesting and constantly updated blog can bring in 5x more traffic to your car dealer website. Always create blogs that vibe well with your local niche. 

Here are a few good reasons why every car dealership need a blog.

Reason 1: Blogs Build Authority & Brand Reputation

Your blog will reflect your dealership brand, the vehicle brands on sale, and the services that you offer. Craft relevant and informative blogs that has the potential to attract your local prospects. 

Why not go for guest posts, preferably from a popular local personality? It projects your car dealership brand better among prospective car buyers in your locale. 

Reason 2: Through Blogs, Customers Find You Faster

As a rule of thumb, blogs are updated far more frequently than car dealer websites.  While car dealer websites perform well in a narrow keyword band mostly related to inventory, specials, and service, blogs have no such limitation. 

Let your blogs be a folder than a sub-domain. Google and search engine optimization (SEO) love content that is relevant to your niche. 

Reason 3: Blogs for Improving SEO Ranking

Keyword density plays a vital role in SEO ranking. Blogs can increase the density of your targeted keywords. Frequently updated blogs with 100% original content can do wonders in content marketing, which boosts the SEO ranking of your car dealer website.

Reason 4: Cost-effective Form of Marketing 

If you own a car dealer website then you need to spend zero dollars on blogging. Even  if you may not be comfortable with blogging daily, there is always someone in sales or marketing who can spend half an hour daily on it. 

A blog will work out cheaper than offline marketing, even if you hire someone part-time to help with the content. 

Reason 5: Differentiate Yourself from Competition

A lively Blog is one of the factors that can help you outrank your competition. It brings in the human touch which car dealerships need to connect informally with their local communities.

A blog that occasionally promotes local events can build community cross-connects that take your car dealership beyond what traditional marketing can offer. 

Reason 6: Blogs are Excellent Communicators

Upcoming in-store events, promotions, new car model information, etc. can be communicated efficiently and informally through blogs. You can also engage with your customers and prospects, using blog comments. 

This way, your issue resolution capabilities can be informally shared with your local community, without the exercise sounding like a promotion.

Reason 7: Social Media Marketing through Blogs

Your blog can be configured to share every post on your social media pages as well, without you having to do anything. This will increase the frequency of your social media updates. 

Prospects on social media tend to share a lot more, and this increases your chances of reaching more people, resulting in more leads and footfalls.

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