5 Tips to Cut down Content Creation Time for Your Car Dealer Website

10 October 2017

Creating engaging content within challenging timelines is the key factor for a successful car dealer website content marketing strategy. It is also one of the best ways to promote your car dealership.

It takes a whole day or even more if you are to start from scratch to create fresh content, which is not necessary.
Here are five content creation tips that will help you save time and money.
Content Tip 1: Initiate With Your Customers’ Pain Points
Start your content creation with the topic you are already aware of, which are your customers’ pain points. Car dealerships are customer-centric, since sales revolve around them. It is advantageous to focus on their pain points and help them resolve it through your content. 
To improve your engaging factor, create content that relieves your customers’ anxiety and offers tips to fix their common issues related to buying and maintaining vehicles. 
Content Tip 2: Plan Your Content Creation
it’s always best to plan your content before actually hitting the keyboard. Make sure to create a list of things to write. Then craft a story around these ideas. 
For your car dealer website, it is advisable to create a few skyscraper articles around key customer concerns. Every time you create one, reuse parts of it to create videos, infographics, emailers, and more. This will help you do more with less, and also provide your car dealer website with unique content.
Content Tip 3: Less Text, More Visuals!
Ever read a storybook without pictures? It’s boring! Always compliment textual content with interesting visuals. The images used should be relevant and should clearly convey your message. 
Convert your car dealer website content into creative visuals and post them back on your website as well as on visual marketing platforms. 
To cut down on design time, use software like Canva and HubSpot to create your website graphics. 
Content Tip 4: Diversify Your Content
Kill the monotony with diverse content - use quizzes, contests, infographics, fun illustrations, and more. These will keep your website visitors engaged for a longer time and make their browsing experience memorable. Your prospects may even want to share such content.
Make use of tools that provide information on the performance of your AdWords, study the data, and work on the areas where the performance is low. This again involves creating new content, or repurposing the content already available on your car dealer website. You just have to customize for publishing platforms.
Content Tip 5: Repurpose Content
For enhanced results, repurposing your already created content is the best solution. It helps in promoting your car dealership in a new light with an existing, tried and tested idea. Make use of tools and software that convert slides into an infographic, or text into visuals, etc.
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