Using Email Marketing Campaigns for Auto Businesses – Part 2

04 June 2018

It is a known fact that a well executed email marketing campaign has great potential to attract customers and generate revenue for your auto dealership.

Being on the lookout for new tools and technology to help your auto business improve and innovate the way it operates, especially with the usage of advanced tools powered by artificial intelligence (AI) can certainly impact your email marketing efforts. This type of approach helps your auto business get the absolute best out of auto dealer email marketing.

Keep Tabs on Everything

It is impossible to overstate the importance of tracking everything related to your email marketing campaigns.

Your auto dealership should conduct market surveys to figure out the best times to send out these emails. Create your emails including the most opened subject lines and email structures. Track all the mails you send to determine what works best for you, and try to replicate it.

Running A/B tests can help your auto dealership truly assess what works best and although it could take some time and trial and error, it certainly is worth doing it.

Automate as Much as Possible

By automating the process of sending emails, people are added to certain sequences based on what actions were taken, without any inputs from the staff of your auto dealership.

For instance, if you need to send out emails to your customers a month before the end of their lease with new offers, it would be rather time consuming to send every single person a dedicated email manually, even if it doesn’t have to be completely rewritten for each person. Instead, you can automate the process to flag people in your CRM when their lease is nearly ending and add them automatically to a sequence.

This way, your customers will receive emails without any additional effort from your side. Even if you want to send follow ups to all potential buyers who have visited your site within a certain time span, utilizing automation and tools powered by AI, it can be done with minimal time and resources.

In Conclusion

Auto dealerships, like most other businesses, have changed the manner in which they use email in the past few years.

While sending email with the same content to all of a dealership’s contacts was the preferred method in the earlier days, as time and technology progressed, more scientific methods came into vogue, with targeted lists and dedicated email. Thanks to technology, car service customers now receive a different email message than a prospective car buyer.

Now, with the emergence of even more sophisticated tools, email recipients can be made to feel that the message they receive was written specifically for them. Even when it comes to a tried and tested method such as email campaigns for auto dealerships, it always makes sense to take a step forward and ensure that you get the absolute most out of it.

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