Twitter Lists: 7 Effective Ways of Using Them to Improve Your Car Dealership Sales

22 May 2018

Twitter Lists are a useful feature that is mostly overlooked by auto dealers. With Twitter lists, it becomes easier to find, follow, interact with, and monitor the right prospects.

How to Create Twitter Lists

  • Go to your car dealership Twitter profile and click on Lists.
  • Click Create new list.
  • Label your list, add a description, and select the required Privacy level.
  • Click on the Save list Button.

To add/remove handles to the list, select relevant handles, click Settings icon, and select the Add or remove from lists option.

How to Use Twitter Lists

Now that you know how to create Twitter lists, here's how to use them to improve your car sales. To get started, here are a few things to take care of.

01. Segment Your Twitter Followers

Since you can create multiple Twitter lists, smaller units can help to easily process your car dealership’s marketing. Twitter Lists can also be used to segment the audience based on their stage in the marketing funnel.

02. Search for Potential Customers

Twitter lists consisting of your leads can be used for nudging them into the sales funnel. With this list, you will be able to engage with the leads closely and convert them.

03. Follow Automotive Bloggers, Media, & Influencers

Generating Twitter lists of people who are automotive bloggers, journalists, reporters, and influencers help in spreading the word, contributing to effective Twitter marketing.

It is also helpful in building conversations with influential people in your market, apart from directly targeting them with ads.

04. Establish Relationships

Twitter lists are one of the best ways of marketing your car dealership to your Twitter audience. If you add a handle to your lists, a notification is sent to the handle owner. So, make sure to label your Twitter lists well.

For instance, journalists will definitely feel good if they are included in the list of ‘Top automotive journalists’ list. Quite often, this drives them to visit your car dealership profile.

05. Twitter Ads’ Tailored Audiences

Tailored audiences on Twitter are unique, since they are hand-picked by your car dealership. Twitter lists with these tailored audiences are more valuable.

If you still haven’t leveraged your Twitter ads’ tailored audiences then you are losing out on potential customers.

06. Monitor Your Competitors

A separate Twitter list of your competitors helps you in understanding what they are up to.

Your car dealership will be able to easily monitor their updates, offers, activities, events, etc.

07. Stay on Top of Automotive Trends

A Twitter list of the handles who updates latest automotive trends helps you to stay on top of these trends. The list can include handles of news sites, journalists, reporters, etc.

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