Using Email Marketing Campaigns for Auto Businesses – Part 1

31 May 2018

Email marketing, when done correctly, can be one of the most efficient  marketing channels for your dealership. You can reach loads of customers without having to shell out large amounts of money, and the ROI is excellent. On the other hand, email marketing campaigns can sometimes return results that are rather frustrating, and it can take a long time to refine to perfection.

Having to see low open and click through rates (CTRs) month after month can push anyone to think that it simply isn’t worth doing email marketing. However, in this two part article series, we tell you how you can get the most out of email marketing for auto businesses.

01. Segment Your Customers

Once you start thinking about email marketing as just another way of speaking to customers, and then it becomes quite obvious that it needs to be highly targeted. It is pointless to send the same message to everybody who has ever interacted with your auto business. Basically, think about where each prospect is in the sales funnel, and communicate with them accordingly.

You should provide opportunities based on what the customer could actually want, be it an appointment for a service for someone who bought a new car recently, a revised price quote for a car for someone who is still researching, and so on.

The more specific the message and group, the more likely it is that the person will open and act on the email.

02. Include Existing Clients

Although it’s tempting to focus all of your energy on potential customers, this strategy has a problem because you’re ignoring your most receptive audience: your existing customers.

Even though the sale has been completed, it is important for any auto business to stay in touch with their existing customers. Send them emails during regular intervals so that these customers don’t forget your dealership and the relationship they share with you.

Staying in touch keeps your dealership on the top of of your customers' minds so that they may recommend you to their family and friends. Also, previous customers can become repeat car buyers because they appreciate the relationship they have with you, and will prefer to return to your showroom.

03. Use High Quality Content and Images

Whether you’re contacting new prospects or existing customers, the biggest mistake you can make is to send only sales-related email. Your target audience is more likely to simply delete such email.

By providing interesting and useful content, people will actually want to read your email, since they are gaining useful information, rather than being sold something. If your target audience begins to associate your auto dealership with classy, helpful content, they will be more likely to actually open the email and act on it.

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