5 Ways to Protect Your Dealership from PPC Ad Fraud

18 May 2018

In digital advertising, if your pay per click (PPC) ads are artificially clicked to consume your daily budget so that they have no chance of being viewed by potential customers, then you are a victim of PPC ad fraud. This digital ad fraud affects your car dealership since you are burning your ad budget with no actual conversions.

Ad fraud tends to generate fake clicks, views, and traffic to your car dealer website, mostly by robotic programs.

There are robotic as well as human propagated ad frauds like impression stacking, click farms, arbitrage, injected ads, site bundling, etc.

Here are some effective ways to fight ad fraud and improve your car dealership’s conversions.

01. Utilizing Ad Verification Tools

Your car dealership can use third-party ad fraud rescuing agencies like Pixalate, WhiteOps, Forensiq, and many more to protect your campaigns from ad fraud.

These agencies can protect your PPC ads from sophisticated ad frauds.

02. Employing Ads.txt

It is best if your car dealership adopts Interactive Advertising Bureau’s (IAB) ads.txt to prevent domain spoofing.

This prevents your website inventory being sold to another third-party website. The ads.txt also verifies whether the impressions bought and sold on its platform are from the publisher.

03. Measuring Conversions but not Clicks

It is advisable if your PPC ad strategy is focused on conversions/lead forms rather than clicks.

Clicks can be easily tricked with the use of bots.

04. Relying on Humans than Machines

Car dealerships or their marketing partners should manually take control of their campaigns to review ad performance and key performance indicators (KPIs), for preventing ad fraud.

Make sure to implement your own internal policies for ad review. It is also useful if you take help from third-party ad trackers for reviewing ad fraud.

05. Leveraging Big Data Analytics

Big data helps in extracting invalid traffic from campaign data, to understand the ad fraud being propagated. It can provide insights into:

  • Networks that are receiving invalid traffic
  • Campaigns and policies that are resulting in invalid traffic
For more important ways to fight against automotive PPC ad fraud, Contact Us.

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