Must-Have Features Your CRM System Should Include – Part 2

09 January 2019

Must-Have Features Your CRM System Should Include

First things first! Going to NADA 2019? Please visit FrogData Booth Booth #2041S - Data Analytics and experience the dealership of tomorrow, today. That said, lets get back to auto dealer CRM systems.

The usage of a sturdy and dependable CRM system in any auto dealership can go a long way in ensuring that revenue generated and profits earned remains high. As we mentioned earlier, a good customer relationship management (CRM) system does this by simplifying and streamlining dealership operations. This can directly lead to increased sales and income. 

In the second part of this article series, we continue to point out a few must-have features if you’re in the market for a new CRM system.

Marketing Tools

Auto dealers can use their CRM system to help come up with more efficient marketing plans. These plans can use multiple communication channels as well, including broadcast ads, customized emails, online and social media advertising, direct mail and print ad campaigns, text messaging and phone calls, and so on.

The CRM you choose should be able to analyze data by taking into account current trends and statistics, customer details and demographics information as well. All promotional offers by your auto dealership, including discounts on sales and service, loyalty programs, coupons and so on, must be supported by the CRM platform as well.

For better insights and competitive mileage, a dealer optimized data analytics solution is highly recommended.

Customer Data Management

The new CRM system’s customer database must be easily accessible from any location within the dealership on portable devices such as tablets or smartphones, as having to head to a single location all the time is a huge waste of employees’ time.

As an added bonus, CRM software today can use customer information such as credit and financial histories, vehicle sales and service histories, ownership details, etc., and turn out reports that indicate sales trends, demographics details, and other information crucial to make or adjust your marketing strategies.

Inventory Management

On many CRM systems on sale today, inventory management is offered as an option. It may be worth the extra investment since it enables your CRM software to integrate fully with your website and track vehicle inventory based on makes and models.

This feature allows your CRM to identify which vehicles in your inventory are the highest in demand, fastest selling and the most profitable.

With this information in hand, dealers can decide where to offer large discounts, where to reduce it, and where they can avoid offering discounts altogether.

For more information on how to select the best CRM for your auto dealership, Contact Us.

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