Use Technology as a Differentiator to Improve Customer Experience

25 January 2019

Car buyers’ purchasing behaviors are evolving with each passing year. Not only are more transactions being initiated online than ever before,  some dealers are even promising online transactions.

As an auto dealership, the only way to thrive is to adapt as quickly as possible, and one of the most promising ways to do so is by embracing technology that engages with your prospective buyers at every stage of their buying process.

01. Empower Your Customers

Take a look at consumers’ needs when they are researching a vehicle.

If you allow them to use digital retail tools to apply for credit online, or from an in-store mobile device, you’re engaging them and allowing them the flexibility to complete this step any time, anywhere they choose. They can read your privacy policy at their own pace, and electronically sign documents.

This makes them feeling more empowered, and connected to your dealership.

02. Use Tech. After Closing the Sale as Well

You can also implement technology to engage your customers in the sale of aftermarket products and educate them on their value.

If you have a mobile-first auto dealer website, then customers can even answer questions from their mobiles, which will in turn connect them to unbiased product recommendations. It can also provide them with media-rich information to educate them on the best products for their particular needs.

03. Improve the F&I Experience

Finance and insurance is usually considered to be the part of a vehicle sale that customers look forward to the least. Technology streamlines the sale of insurance products, and you can connect your consumer to financing options and quote services.

These tools can help your auto dealership assist your customers better, and thereby gain their trust and brand loyalty.

04. Introduce e-Contracting

New tools like e-contracting, in addition to improving efficiency, also speeds up financing procedures. This facility gives buyers the flexibility to review documents at their leisure, prior to coming to the dealership.

If you don’t have to call them back to your dealership because of missed signatures or other required documents, it will obviously raise your customer satisfaction levels.

For more information on how technology can be used to improve customer experience, Contact Us.

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