5 Ways to Improve Online Automotive Shopping Experience

15 January 2019

Kick-Start the Buying Process Online

Any processes that are done online will translate to time saved for your staff on the showroom floor. Pre-qualify buyers and provide solutions and methods in order to begin the car purchasing process online. 

Customer loyalty will definitely rise if procedures are made easier on your website and social channels, and you will see more of them in person on your showroom floor due to increased convenience and the hassle-free nature of your auto business.

Use Smart Targeting

Target and personalize your content instead of showing every visitor who comes to your car dealer website the same deals and offers. Online shoppers today are used to doing highly specific searches and interact with online communities to find exactly what they need. Your auto dealer website should enable them do the same by analyzing their behavior and showing them results that are relevant.

Get Your Website in Shape

The calls-to-action on your car dealer website must generate leads to drive sales, and they can also be used to direct people to what they’re looking for. For instance, a popup can be included that finds out user interests and directs them to a relevant page in your site. Think of them as friendly and helpful digital salespeople.

It also goes without saying nowadays that auto dealers need to ensure that their websites have responsive design built-in. Today’s customers spend large amounts of time on mobile devices researching cars, and you want your website to be displayed perfectly to your prospective buyers, regardless of which device they use.

Provide Quick Follow-ups

The move to purchasing online is happening because of its ease and speed. Customer satisfaction rises when they receive quick service and responses. The key is to do this on every platform. 

Email responses and phone calls are usually done quickly. Your auto dealership must do the same on its social networks also, as they have the potential to become great sales agents.

Engage Customers in Multiple Ways

Make your auto dealership website available for more than lead capturing and sales. 

Come up with different ways of showing customers valuable information. Create articles with tips on car care or FAQs asked when choosing a new car. Profiling models that fit the needs of your major demographics is a good idea. In short, offer interesting content to engage website visitors and improve their online purchasing experience.

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Social media is ever changing. Social networks are constantly coming up with innovative features that add more dimensions to their platforms in order to keep their appeal high.
In digital marketing, conversion is the process of turning a website visitor into a lead.
Car buyers’ purchasing behaviors are evolving with each passing year.
Auto dealerships have access to hundreds of marketing strategies and tools, be it for social media promotions and retargeting,
Most auto dealerships invest large amounts of time, effort and money to ensure that their website looks great and feels smooth to use.
Nowadays, practically all auto dealer websites have offers and promotions featured on their homepages,
The usage of a sturdy and dependable CRM system in any auto dealership can go a long way in ensuring that revenue generated and profits earned remains high.
Having a good and reliable CRM system is one of the most important requirements of any auto dealership.
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