How Dynamic Dealership Offers Can Result in More Conversions

10 January 2019

Nowadays, practically all Auto Dealer Websites have offers and promotions featured on their homepages, deals pages and landing pages that are dedicated to the purpose. That way, every deal your potential customers get at your auto business, whether it comes from the OEM itself or from your dealership, has an excellent chance to appeal to more customers and persuade them to come to your auto dealership.

How Dynamic Dealership Offers Can Result in More Conversions

Get More Purchase-Related Conversions

The trick here is to get those deals to result in more purchase-related conversations with your potential buyers.

Since the percentage of site visitors who convert is very small, populating your website with dynamic targeting is a better idea, since it can be done by transforming the deals your dealership already offers your customers. This way, customers will have more opportunities to convert, leading to increased sales at your auto dealership.

Use Overlay Forms

Instead of static pages, using of overlay forms boostsconversions and sales. The idea is to bring the deal straight to the customer when interest is highest.

Your website customers usually may not notice, engage with, or remember the offers shown on your website landing pages. However, if these deals are shown to them when their interest levels are at the peak, they’ll give the customers the required incentive to move down the sales funnel by encouraging engagement.

Evaluate Motivation Levels

Most site visitors are not highly motivated to reach out to your dealership in the early stages of research. They may not even realize that you have offers or deals going on at all. Removing these hurdles and presenting promotions to the shopper when they are most interested allows your customers to access real value, and encourages them to move forward with the purchasing process.

Smart Targeting

Equipping your auto business website with smart targeting is the way to ensure that your deals appear to the right customers at the appropriate time.

Every kind of sale, deal, promotion, and offer at your dealership can become a conversion form to engage with each customer at the appropriate time. This transforms the website of your vehicle dealership into a digital salesperson that can free up valuable time of your actual sales staff, allowing them to focus more on closing deals effectively.

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