3 Automotive Marketing Strategies that Save Money

22 January 2019

Auto dealerships have access to hundreds of marketing tools, be it for social media promotions, retargeting, sending out emails, tracking customers, and everything else.

In today’s online marketing world, there is a need to manage a large number of different platforms and accomplish a lot with limited resources. In this article, we give you a few pointers that can help your auto dealership to do just that.

01. Clear the Clutter

We’ve all seen those auto dealer websites where too many tools appear at the same time, all vying for the attention of website visitors, and there’s nothing more irritating than that. If visitors want to speak to a customer representative, they will be faced with making the decision of which tool to use, which does nothing apart from adding to the confusion of the process.

On the showroom floor, several sales agents will never converge on one customer, and it must be the same on your auto dealer website as well.

02. Use the Right Website Conversion Tools

Every auto dealership uses a variety of conversion tools on their dealer website to engage with prospective customers but, if these tools are totally disconnected from one another, it could result in missed leads and losing out on opportunities to move prospects closer to converting into paying customers.

When engagement tools communicate with each other, they can move the conversation forward meaningfully and help shoppers with what they need at the moment. This can also build trust and keep the buying process moving naturally.

Not having these follow up interactions can interrupt the purchasing process and keep buyers stagnant when they are actually ready to move forward.

03. Connect Your Data

On many occasions, it can take a very long time to pull data from your CRM and other sources, and making sense out of it all can take even longer. Streamlining dashboards can enable you to see a fuller picture of customers’ journey, and thereby calculate ROI with more accuracy.

Connect your data so that you can see which of your ads actually clicked. This can enable you to optimize what’s working and cut what isn’t. In short, having a centralized point for all your data can save a lot on time, money and effort.

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