Making Twitter Work for Your Car Dealer Website – Part 2

12 June 2019


In the second part of this article series, we will give you some more Twitter marketing ideas for 2019. To read the first part, Click Here.

Think like a Publisher

If you think from the perspective of someone in publishing or media, the first thing you will realize is your audience size. Only an audience of a reasonable size can repay the effort and money that auto dealers commit to their Twitter marketing efforts.

Follow key accounts, and they may follow you back. Tweet ideas or opinion that are relevant and credible to topics within your field of expertise. You can even tie up with influencers to boost the reach of your auto dealership’s social profiles and receive more followers. 

You don’t need to build up huge numbers of followers, the benefits can be seen even with a relatively small number from your local area.

Use Tweet Chats and Live Tweets

Tweet chats are moderated conversations that take place within certain Twitter groups. Being involved in chats related to something on your car dealer website is an excellent way of driving more website traffic. 

During major events such as auto expos or localized events that occur in your locality or city, you can ensure the visibility of your car dealership by using live tweets. 

Being involved with real time activities gives great value to the Twitter profile of your car dealer website and shows your followers that you are up to date.

Include your Location

Twitter provides you with the ability to mark your tweets with the location of your auto dealership. Enabling this option is a brilliant idea since it allows interested customers to immediately know how to reach your auto dealership.

Secondly, Twitter can also customize your feed to include trending topics that may be of relevance to your car dealership.

Target Millennials

Around 40% of Americans between the ages of 18 and 30 actively use Twitter, and that number is climbing. Twitter itself has reported that over 75% of its millennial user base is financially well off. Targeting millennials on Twitter is a very important tactic for dealers and it can deliver huge results.

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