Why Your Car Dealer Website Must be Like Your Physical Dealership

21 June 2019

Anyone who’s in the business of selling vehicles knows just how important a website is for their business, with the number of prospects spending time online researching for their new cars going up every day. Having your auto dealer website fall short on quality is guaranteed to be a huge disadvantage to your dealership.

Naturally, you’ve invested a large amount of time and money in setting up a car dealer website that allows prospects to find you and engage with your dealership.

In this article, we will show you a few aspects of your brick and mortar showroom that you should include in your car dealer website, for the best possible results.


Outlining the Problem

While most car dealers go out of the way to make sure that their prospective clients get an excellent showroom experience, their car dealer websites really don’t make the cut in many cases. 

Many dealer websites lack an appealing look, their layout is confusing, and navigation between pages isn’t something that comes intuitively to users.

These factors can put off customers and they may straightaway decide to never walk into your physical dealership.

Top Class Design and User Experience - UI/UX

Usually, you hire an interior design agency to make sure that your car dealership showroom and office look the best, so why would you use a bland design for your car dealer website

Making an effort in the design department of your car dealer website can yield great dividends. Be sure to check if navigating through the website pages is an easy and seamless experience as well. 

Don’t allow the auto dealer website to become too text heavy. Use images and video at strategic points so that the entire website remains aesthetically pleasing as well as engaging. 

Keep your website updated at all times. What your client sees on the showroom floor should reflect on your website as well.

Being consistent is key.

Offer Personalized Attention to Prospects

The sales team on your auto dealership showroom floor know how to speak to your potential buyers. They are always polite and never repetitive, and they also have a way of answering questions that customers may ask.

This customized approach to each client should happen on your car dealer website as well, and this can efficiently be done by smart targeting that uses promising technologies such as predictive analytics. 

With this information at hand, online shoppers can even be handed exclusive offers and promotions that are designed specifically for them.

Increase Your Responsiveness Quotient

People who walk into your vehicle showroom receive immediate attention from staff members. Your car dealer website visitors should never be kept waiting either.

If they email or chat with you, or submit an online form for information, respond to them as quickly as possible. Ensure that the answers are accurate and that they aren’t kept waiting unnecessarily.

This not only increases your reputation and credibility, but also raises the chances of online visitors actually turning up at your showroom. 

It also pays to not withhold any facts such as price details, additional costs and so on. If an online shopper feels that they are not being told everything, they might not become your customer at all.

For more information on enhancing the online presence of your auto dealership by using your Car Dealer Website, Contact Us.

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