Making Twitter Work for Your Car Dealer Website – Part 1

11 June 2019

With a user base of around 350 million monthly active users, Twitter is a massive social media network. If your car dealer website ignores Twitter, it runs the risk of becoming largely invisible to your local prospects on Twitter. 

In this article, we will tell you how to prevent that from happening with Twitter, in 2019.


Live Streaming is the Next Big Thing

The reach of live-streaming videos on Twitter is hard to believe. Last year, nearly three quarters of these live streamed events were broadcast to a global audience. Almost 100 million hours of live content generated by its users get uploaded in every quarter.

All these statistics are important for one reason. 25% of marketers in the U S already spend significant budgets on Twitter marketing, and surveys suggest that over half of them plan to substantially boost their Twitter marketing budget this year.

Videos Outweigh Plain Old Images

The numbers clearly point to where the marketing budget of your auto dealership should be spent. Tweets that include videos reportedly have six times more likelihood to be retweeted than tweets that contain only images. Research shows that even tweets that contain GIFs weren’t found to be as appealing to Twitter users as tweets with videos. This is because they have only approximately a third of the possibility of being retweeted as video tweets.

Nearly 70% of Twitter users feel that promoted videos on Twitter were not pushy or interfering. When video ads were displayed not right at the beginning but further down the timeline, the number of users who found them to be annoying was even lower. Interestingly, most Twitter users actually found these video ads informative.

Ad Costs Come Down, Engagement Goes Up

According to Twitter, their cost per engagement has gone down quite a lot, having declined by over 50% over the last few quarters. Interestingly, Twitter’s report also shows that ad related engagements on the whole actually doubled year over year. 

This is mainly due to the progressive shift towards video ad impressions. Increased click-through rates across all Twitter ad formats also contributed to this change.

To read the second part of this article, Click Here. For more information on Twitter marketing for auto dealerships, Contact Us.


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