5 Steps to Improved Sales Satisfaction for Auto Dealers

17 June 2019


Auto dealers are always looking for ways to make customers happier. No one knows better than dealers that one of the most important success factors of the auto dealership is the satisfaction of new car shoppers with the sales experience they’ve had. 

Customers generally have very precise feedback about the staff members, the delivery process, closing the deal, paperwork completion, financing & insurance departments, the facility itself, the car dealer website, and so on. 

In this article, we’ll give you a few straightforward points that will help boost the sales satisfaction that car dealers can provide their customers.

1. Be a On-Stop Shop for Your Clients

The extra effort put into ensuring that shoppers are fully confident in using all of their vehicle’s technology is appreciated by car buyers. Go out of your way to ensure that the tricky bits of buying a car, particularly financing, accessorizing, etc. are explained clearly to your prospective buyers. 

Your dealership must be able to clarify whatever doubts they may have about their cars. If you’re unable to do it immediately, assure customers that it will be addressed shortly, and get it done as soon as possible.

2. Improve Your Follow-Up

Provide customers with ample amounts of attention that does not become too intrusive. Just the right amount of it will keep customers happy and make them return to your dealership. 

Once a sale is done, schedule follow-up calls to explain certain handy tips, providing them information about seasonal car care programs, new offers, and so on.

Car dealers should make it a point to ask for feedback from their customers about their purchasing experience, and needless to say,  act on it as well. 

Dealers can also update customers who provided feedback on how it’s being implemented.

3. If You Still Haven’t Gone Digital, You’re Missing Out

Your customers should be able to check their vehicle records, schedule appointments, browse your current vehicle inventory, and view upcoming service reminders online. Many dealers are still not using digitization to take their customer experience to the next level, so be sure your auto dealership doesn’t miss the bus.

Car manufacturers such as Lexus have gone even further with a system that gives owners a monthly health report and provides answers to frequently asked questions. 

In order to stand out from the crowd in today’s highly competitive automotive scene, dealers need to offer their clients the five star experience they expect.

4. Develop Pre-Purchasing Aspects

A customer’s satisfaction with an auto dealer is based largely on pre-purchase activities. Interactions with sales agents and the information that they receive from them before actually purchasing their car determines how happy a shopper is with the entire buying process. 

These activities will most likely begin at your car dealer website, so ensure that it’s in top shape.

5. Pull, Don’t Push

Nearly 90% of all new car buyers spend considerable amounts of time researching online about their new car. Instead of using commercial ads to push them to close a sale, auto dealers should try informative Vehicle Detail Pages(VDPs) along with blogs that have been SEO optimized in order to pull them to the car dealer website. This is a much more user friendly approach in attempting to close a deal, and has a higher likelihood of succeeding as well.

Happy customers will come back, both for their servicing needs as well as for future purchases. They’re also much more likely to write a positive review online. This is especially important as we live in a world where more millennials than ever are buying cars, and over 90% of them read customer reviews before buying a new car. 

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