How to Protect Your Car Dealership PPC Campaigns from Click Fraud

23 January 2020

Click fraud happens when others click on your ads to exhaust your ad budget. You may not be able to completely eliminate click fraud, however you can prevent others totally wasting your PPC campaign budget. Here’s how.

1: Know Your Car Dealer Website Traffic

In the first place, you need to know how often people click on your ads. If you notice a sudden surge in clicks, then in all probability you are dealing with click fraud.

2: Monitor Your Competitors

It is good to know what your competitors are up to, since click fraud could be one of them.

Monitoring your competitors, understanding their approach, and learning about their audience preferences will help you in other ways too, such as filtering out non-productive keywords in your ads.

3: Track Your PPC Campaigns

It is not possible to manage what you don’t monitor. If you are running Google Ad campaigns, then it allows you to monitor your account and campaign performance. This will help in assessing the percentage of invalid clicks, which may be fraudulent.

4: Target High-quality Sites

Low-quality sites are mostly non-verified for ads, and are more prone to click fraud. Target high-quality sites like Google, and a few social media platforms.

Running your paid campaigns on specified sites alone goes a long way in preventing click fraud.

5: Social Media Targeted Ads Work

The benefit of choosing social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter is that no third-party publishers are involved. Leverage their advanced targeting options to eliminate click fraud.

6: Use Anti-Click-Fraud Software                    

Reliable sites have built-in anti-fraud tools but many third-party sites lack it.  One of the easy ways to prevent from click fraud is to use anti-click-fraud software such as CPA Detective, Improvely, Fraudlogix, and more.

For more tips to protect your car dealer PPC campaigns from click fraud, Contact Us.

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