How to Plan a Limited Budget SEO Strategy for Your Car Dealership

06 January 2020

A successful Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy for your car dealership can be designed with a limited budget. Here are some helpful; tips

1. Assess How a Small budget Impacts Your SEO Efficacy

A limited budget means less resources, time, and SEO expertise. The first thing to do is to list out your top 3 objectives and align your limited budget to fulfill them.

2. Know Your Strengths

It is important to know your strengths since you can capitalize on those during your SEO improvisation. For instance, if your car dealership has celebrity customers you can utilize such associations to kick-start conversations and fetch valuable backlinks, improving your website SEO.

3. Set Your Goals

When planning your SEO strategy, you need to set realistic goals.. Also, you need to choose the set of tasks that can be accomplished within your budget.

4. Fix Technical Flaws  

If your car dealer website has serous technical flaws, then your dealership will not be able to find online success, even with a big budget. Make sure that your code is search engine friendly, website speed is good, and webpage optimization done, especially if you recently migrated your car dealer website.

5. Think Different from Others

Following routine best practices often do not work when you have a constrained budget. Think out-of-the-box while planning your SEO. For instance, if your car dealership has high-quality images of the cars, then focus on ranking the images for driving organic traffic. Look for location-specific long-tail keywords.

6. Analyze Your Competitors

One of the ways to save time and resources is to analyze your competitor’s SEO techniques. Observe their backlinks, keywords, etc. and analyze if it is relevant for your car dealership.

7. Improve Existing Content

Improvise on the existing content on your car dealer website. Try stuff like adding videos and imagery, or using a schema markup to increase your online visibility.

For more information on a successful SEO strategy for your car dealership on a small budget, Contact Us.

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