Why is Customer Feedback Important to Your Car Dealership?

08 January 2020

1: Plays a Role in Improving Your Sales and Service

Continuous customer feedback plays a key part in prioritizing dealer activity around customers. It not only reveals your best performing areas, but also sounds the warning bells when something is going wrong.

2: Provides Data to Plan marketing campaigns

Customer feedback about your car dealership is valuable data that can be used to design business strategies and marketing campaigns.

3: Tells Your Customers that Their Voices Matter

Listening patently to customer feedback is one way of letting your customers know that you value their opinion. This obviously helps to build stronger relationships with them and generate positive word-of-mouth.

4: Helps in Measuring Customer Satisfaction

Customer feedback is a reliable indicator of customer satisfaction. You can not only measure if customers are satisfied, but also pinpoint issues as they occur and take action.

5: Assists in Planning Customer Experiences

Customer feedback is central to designing immersive customer experiences and building a customer-centric dealership.

6: Positive Feedback Acts like Personal Recommendations

Nearly 40% of web prospects trust positive online customer feedback as much as personal recommendations, which is why publishing customer reviews need to be a regular part of dealer activity.

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