Designing Your Auto Dealership’s Customer Experience Strategy: 7 Tips

30 December 2019

1. Know Your Customers Well

If your auto dealership is better aware of the needs of your customers, then you will be able to better connect with them.

One of the best ways to do this is to segment your customers and create personas, which help in providing a good customer experience.

2. Build Emotional Connections with Your Customers

But how? If your customer has come back with concerns about their car or service, listen patiently and fix the issue ASAP. Then, send an Apology Note for the trouble that they went through.

Gestures like this help to connect with customers and build customer loyalty.

3. Pay Attention to Customer Feedback

Make it a habit to take customer feedback after every sale and service.

This alone can take you a long way.  Customers with positive experiences are likely to give you a good review which helps with marketing and reputation management. As for customers with negative experiences, you will know about it when it is still possible to make things right and prevent serious damage to the dealer reputation.

Review Apps like Buyerater can make the entire process easy and help you publish great reviews every day.

4. Executing Change

Negative customer feedback also acts as a good early warning system that can expose hidden chinks in dealer operations and customer facing processes.  Make sure that you respond to your customers and act expeditiously when systemic changes are required.

5. Focus on Customer Service

Your car dealership should be easily available to your service customers 24/7.

Online tools like web chat or social media chat can be enabled and supported to provide instantaneous service to service customers.

6. Ease of Use

With over 90% of your customers interacting with the dealership online, your car dealer website is a pivotal customer touch-point.

Ensure mobile compatibility, and seamless navigation. In just a few clicks, your customers should be able to get what they came looking for.

7. Measure Your Business Results

Always measure your results. Try Net Promoter Score (NPS), a customer experience metric, to measure the success of your strategy.

For more information on the designing of your auto dealership’s customer experience strategy, Contact Us.

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