9 Unusual LinkedIn Marketing Hacks to Improve Your Car Dealership’s Sales

18 June 2018

LinkedIn marketing is one of the best ways to market your vehicles to professionals and increase your visibility, brand recall, leads, car sales, and service appointments.

Here are some unusual LinkedIn marketing hacks to improve your car sales.

LinkedIn Hack 1: A Larger LinkedIn Network Works Better

Obvious and Effective! Car dealers are advised to build a large LinkedIn network, since an update will then be shared with a larger network.

Work continuously on widening your LinkedIn network.

LinkedIn Hack 2: Showcase Your Car Dealership with LinkedIn Showcase Pages

Showcase pages provide your LinkedIn connections with what they are looking for, without the distraction of irrelevant content.

For instance, the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Showcase Page has a unique design which is different from the LinkedIn Company Page.

LinkedIn Hack 3: Post Content for Everyone

One of the LinkedIn marketing hacks is to post broad content that can be shared by everyone, than targeted content for a particular group of people.

Your content should have something for everyone in your audience.

LinkedIn Hack 4: High-engaging LinkedIn Updates Help

Post interesting updates approximately 1 to 3 times a day.

To shortlist the post, you can leverage your other social updates like tweets. Your best tweets can be posted on LinkedIn as well for increased engagement.

LinkedIn Hack 5: Repost Your Popular Social Media Posts on LinkedIn

Any popular posts that have received highest likes, comments, shares, retweets, etc. should be posted on LinkedIn as well.

Similarly, LinkedIn posts that have received likes and shares can be shared on other social media platforms.

LinkedIn Hack 6: Respond to Every Message

Another LinkedIn marketing hack is to quickly respond to whoever has sent messages and greetings.

Use this window-of-opportunity to nudge these people into sharing your car dealership’s LinkedIn posts.

LinkedIn Hack 7: Make Use of Advanced LinkedIn Search

Increase your audience personas by using LinkedIn advanced search to know them better and provide them with relevant content.

Look at the skillset and job titles of your audience to come up with article titles. Use location, industry, current company, and many more filters for fine-tuning your audience specifications.

LinkedIn Hack 8: Try LinkedIn Polls

LinkedIn polls are one of the most engaging ways to generate marketing feedback.

They can also be used to generate offers, create additional groups, etc.

LinkedIn Hack 9: Leverage LinkedIn SlideShare

Use LinkedIn SlideShare to present slides that convey important messages clearly to your audience. These can either by text, video, and infographics.

 These SlideShares can be easily embedded into your car dealership’s company page as updates.

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There is no doubt that personalization is good for business. Online shoppers want to see content that is relevant to them and when it is relevant to them.
It is said that duplicate leads reduce productivity and they are nothing more than a frustrating waste of time.
The significance of following-up and nurturing your business leads is well known.
Each social media platform is unique, and the type of content that works best on one network might not be effective at all on another one.
Voice search is increasing every day, especially using conversational language, since speaking is easier than typing.
SEO keywords can be singular words or complex phrases that are used in your auto dealer website content to drive organic traffic.
It is a known fact that a well executed email marketing campaign has great potential to attract customers and generate revenue for your auto business.
Email marketing, when done correctly, can be one of the most efficient and effective marketing channels for your dealership.
Millennials have been the hot topic in many industries for quite a while now.