How AI Can Help Your Auto Business Perform Better

13 July 2018

AI has definitely arrived in almost all aspects our daily lives, from transportation to shopping, and its influence is rising all the time. The world of online marketing is no exception.

Evolving marketing technology is steadily using more AI, and it now is becoming one of the keys to enabling your auto dealership to stay ahead of its competition. These solutions, as they develop, will create new possibilities for generating revenue via a superior customer experience.

AI positively impacts dealership efficiency and productivity, so that your staff can focus on high-value activities instead of getting bogged down in maintenance or less valuable work.

AI and Personalized Shopping Recommendations

Machine learning is where machines are configured not only to perform a task, but also to learn and improve. If a prospective customer visits your auto dealer website and searches for a particular car or type of vehicle, your system learns that and will then be able to show recommendations that are customized specifically for their preferences.

This way, the prospect will find the interaction more personal, and is likely to show more of an inclination to get in touch with your auto dealer sales and eventually close the deal.

Risk Mitigation and AI

Artificial intelligence also helps in reducing or eliminating risk.

The amount of data collected nowadays is huge, and information about your likely purchases and usual locations from where you perform these deals are logged as well.

If anything suspicious is detected, the transaction gets flagged and you get an alert that helps you avert major issues.

Predicative Analytics

One other important technology is predictive analytics. Predictive analytics uses data from past events to construct trends and predict what will happen in the future.

For example, predictive analytics can take data from the customers’ online shopping behavior and use it to predict what will appeal to them, and to other future customers.

AI is Scalable and Accurate

Artificial intelligence technologies have the capacity to crunch through vast amounts of data, and can enable you to reach customers with personalized accuracy across a variety of platforms, processes, and channels. It enables reasonably accurate predictions about customer interest and then enable you to act on them in real time. Machines can consistently handle a heavier load than humans, without making costly mistakes.

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