Why Your Auto Dealer Website Needs Customized Banners

03 July 2018

Personalization is good for business, since online shoppers prefer to see content that is relevant to them, when it is relevant to them. They want their needs taken into account and their questions answered.

Auto businesses that can make this happen will definitely reap the benefits. Through customized online auto marketing methods, you can enable your auto dealer website to tailor the shopping experience to each customer so that it is always personalized and never random.

The banners that appear on your website can be mixed and matched to align with your Google analytics numbers, to appeal correctly to the early, mid-stage and late shoppers so that they can see what they want and hopefully, convert into paying customers.

Targeting Early-Stage Shoppers

For the early stage shopper, the website of your auto business can provide them with all the information to further their research. It becomes more appealing if it doesn’t ask for contact information and doesn’t push for conversion but instead, offers them opportunities to convert that don’t ask for too much of a commitment. This helps shoppers improve their knowledge and understanding of your inventory without asking for any personal information in return.

For a shopper who is doing research on your website and wants to learn more about your inventory, this is a great incentive. The fact that it doesn’t require leaving contact information makes the shopper feel valued since they are able to get what they need from your website without being hounded.

Targeting Mid-Stage Shoppers

For the buyer who is a little further down the sales funnel, the approach needs to be a bit different. Along with great content, your website should also present offers to convert.

These banner landing pages can have a few more fields, since the prospects actually are interested in being contacted by your auto dealership. Give them some of your best offers in a clear cut manner, and the Call-to-Action should be clear and directly connected to the offer.

Targeting Late-Stage Shoppers

For late stage shoppers who actually have a better idea of which car they intend to buy, your website banners should present offers related to those specific vehicles. The banners itself can focus on a single model, and it can highlight the best financing options for that particular car. Although this may not be of great interest to early shoppers, since they haven’t settled on a vehicle yet, it will be of immense significance to a mid-stage or late stage shopper.

Once your auto dealer website has multiple banners ready to be deployed, you can use smart targeting and other upcoming technologies to make sure the right customers see them at the right time.

This way, you ensure that each and every online shopper who visits your auto dealer website feels valued and that you maximize the chances of them converting to paying customers.

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