7 PPC Copywriting Best Practices for Car Dealership Ads

06 July 2018

Pay-per-Click (PPC) ads can really be profitable only if copywriting best-practices are followed. The text of these ads are challenging to create, since there are character limits for each section.

Here are some PPC copywriting tips to improve your car dealership sales.

PPC Copywriting Tip 1: Understand Your Audiences’ Demands

Your ad Text should include content that your audience is excited about, and not what you want them to showcase about your business.

Also, your ad copy needs to be authentic enough to convince the targeted audience that your dealership is capable of delivering on the ad promise.

PPC Copywriting Tip 2: Emotional Triggers Work

You cannot expect clicks if your text ads are boring.

Conversely, ads that are successful in evoking emotions can bring in a lot more sales.

PPC Copywriting Tip 3: Use the Entire Space

There are character limits to every section of Google AdWords. Make full use of every text ad component, to create compelling PPC text ads.

Here’s the character limit for text ads:

  • Headline – 30 characters
  • Description – 80 characters
  • Display URL – as long as you need it but only the first 35 characters will be displayed

PPC Copywriting Tip 4: Numbers Attract

For an eye-catchy text ad, try to add a number or two. It is advisable to show exact numbers instead of rounding it off, since people instinctively trust precise numbers.

PPC Copywriting Tip 5: Use Keyword-rich Display URLs

Don’t overlook the potential of a display URL in your PPC text ads.

If you insert relevant targeted keywords in the display URL then you are likely to receive more productive clicks.

It’s best if you insert the keyword at the beginning of the URL.

PPC Copywriting Tip 6: Leverage Your Car Dealership’s USP

Try to showcase your car dealership’s Unique Selling Proposition (USP) in every ad.

You can reinforce your USP with awards and recognition, business records set, etc.

PPC Copywriting Tip 7: Local Text Ads Work

Text ads with location will attract the local audience, since they trust local businesses more. If you have car dealerships in multiple locations then it’s best to create location-specific PPC campaigns.

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