4 PPC Tips to Improve Your Car Dealership’s ROI

18 July 2019


Check out these PPC Tips to improve your car dealership’s ROI.

PPC Tip 1: Segment Your Target Audience based on Income Level

Affordability is a major criteria when choosing your target audience. When your car dealership is targeting individual car buyers, then there are two ways to segment them - manual and automatic. 

Automatic – You can segment the audience based on their income bracket using location groups.

Manual – You need to go through individual neighborhoods and list out the locations that can deliver better ROI.

PPC Tip 2: Try Responsive Ads

One of the best options for improving your ROI is responsive PPC ads. If you still haven’t tried it then this may be the right time to start. 

In a responsive ad, you can include 15 images, 5 headlines, 5 logos, and 5 descriptions. 

PPC Tip 3: Use Dynamic Keywords in the PPC Ad Titles

With dynamic keywords, the ad headlines automatically match the user’s search.

Dynamic keywords in your car dealership’s PPC ad headlines is likely to bring in more leads if you choose the right keywords and match types.

PPC Tip 4: Remarketing Display Ads

Remarketing is a powerful marketing tool, since it reminds your visitors of the content that they read on your car dealer website. For best results, you need to work on perfecting your remarketing frequency and content as well.

If you have overlooked any of these PPC campaign tips, then take immediate action to improve your car dealership’s ROI. 

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