Using Twitter to Bring in More Local Customers to Your Auto Dealership

31 July 2019

As the owner of an auto dealership, you’re obviously looking to increase your visibility to get more customers. Unless you sell exotic cars, it makes more sense to first appeal to prospective customers who live or work within the vicinity of your dealership.

Social media giant Twitter is particularly effective at enabling you to reach out to people who are part of the local crowd and bringing them to your showroom floor.

In this article, we’ll give you a few pointers on how exactly you can do that correctly.

1. Tweets Must Have Location Data

Letting the followers of your car dealer website Twitter profile know that you are in close proximity to them is an excellent idea, and there’s a very easy way of doing it. By enabling location data on the tweets you post, your followers will be able to use the location marker on your tweets to know how near your vehicle dealership is. This convenience factor is a significant motivator that makes people choose to do business with certain dealerships.

Location sharing on Twitter is usually disabled by default and will have to be manually turned on before sending out a tweet.

Twitter allows you to either have your location auto detected or manually set, and it can also be saved so that future tweets can share your location automatically.

By combining this practice with the use of high quality images of vehicles in your auto dealership’s inventory, you can be pretty much guaranteed to see a rise in footfalls.

2. Reaching Leads with Local Hashtag Searches

When publishing posts from the Twitter profile of your auto dealership, it is a good idea to use specific local hashtags. This can help you find new leads.
There are several free tools available online that you can use to look for Twitter users who use specific hashtags.

Once you’ve put together a directory of them using Twitter Lists, you can begin to separately interact and engage with these prospective leads and try to convert them into paying customers.

3. Find More Leads with Twitter Search

Twitter Search is a powerful tool to identify potential new leads. The countless number of tweets being sent across this platform can be searched for and sifted through with this tool.

Search for keywords related to your vehicles and services to find tweets who may hold an interest. Send them a tweet that indicates your presence and your ability to contribute to their query. For example, someone researching a new car before buying or leasing it.

Car dealers can also use their Twitter profile to connect with their communities, in order to become more visible to their local audience. As an auto dealership owner, search for your local chamber of commerce, organizations, other businesses, prominent members of the community, and other such Twitter users who would be interested in connecting with your car dealership.

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