LinkedIn Marketing Ideas for Your Auto Dealership

30 July 2019

Marketing on well established social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter, and unconventional ones such as Snapchat and Pinterest often yields good results. However, if you want to specifically target professionals, you can’t beat the reach and capability of LinkedIn

In this article, we’ll list out a few points that can help the LinkedIn marketing campaigns of your auto dealership perform really well, if implemented properly.


1. Finding the Right Audience Size for You

While there are definite benefits to having as wide an audience as possible, we recommend that you target specific audiences for your auto dealership. Having super sized audiences is going to be an immense strain on your marketing budget, and we suggest otherwise unless money isn’t an issue at all.

If you’re presented with a large target audience, you can break it up by focusing on age, location, or other demographic factors. In addition to seniority, there is another filter in LinkedIn called the Years of Experience filter, which works along similar lines of the seniority filter.

2. Working with Incomplete Information

Like on every other social network, people tend not to provide complete information about themselves on LinkedIn. So, if you run a campaign and try to target only those who hold the designation of Chief Operations Officer by using the "COO” job title, you will never be able to reach all the COOs present on LinkedIn.

Therefore, instead of just searching by job title, it makes a whole lot more sense to combine search parameters.

You could search for:

  • Job title and seniority
  • Skill sets and seniority, or
  • Groups and seniority

These three will tighten the net further and give you higher chances of marketing to the right sort of people.

3. Getting What You Need

The marketing initiatives of your auto dealership should also be targeted at the companies of the employees you want to target (including the industry, size, and maybe even company name). The company industry filter is the most straightforward one among the ones mentioned here as it simply targets only those industries that you are interested in.

The ads themselves should appear very professional, since LinkedIn is not a casual social network for informal interactions. Irrespective of the vehicle images that you need, izmoStock will have the perfect stock images for you to use in your LinkedIn campaigns.

The company size filter is useful when deciding if your LinkedIn ads should be seen by employees of large multinational conglomerates, small start-ups, or something in between.

Using the company name filter, you can put together a list of the top 10, top 50 or top 100 companies that you think deserves extra attention and tailor your ad campaign specifically for them.

4. LinkedIn Website Demographics and Matched Audiences

LinkedIn Website Demographics provides professional insights about the website visitors of your auto dealership and allows you to remarket to them through LinkedIn ads. This needs to be done from your LinkedIn advertising account.

This social media channel also enables you to take certain sections of your overall website traffic and create audiences specifically for those sections, called matched audiences.

Matched audiences give you the functionality to compare website demographics of individuals who actually convert against the demographics of your overall viewer base. This allows you to target your marketing initiatives specifically for those who have the highest chances of becoming your customers.

While the insight tab will enable you to select or leave out specific audience sets, you can use the matched audiences feature in order to define the target segments for your ad campaigns and other marketing initiatives.

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