Why Your Auto Dealer Website’s Traffic is Important

06 March 2018


Driving traffic to your car dealer website is more important than optimizing for conversions. We are not saying ‘No’ to optimizing for conversions, but the initial investment in traffic generation is more appropriate. 

Here’s why.

Reason 1: Traffic Builds Your Brand Awareness

It takes more than repeat customers to consistently drive more sales and service. You need to attract new visitors who may not even be aware of your dealership. 

If you run traffic generation campaigns then more of new visitors will visit your auto dealer website, learn about your products and services, read your content, and choose your dealership.

Reason 2: Traffic Increases Your Conversion Rate

The average conversion rate from any platform is always low - below 5%. Unless your team is specially trained for it, increasing the conversion rate by just 1% itself is a challenge. The best solution is to increase your web traffic. 

For instance, if your conversion rate is 4%, then for every 100 people, 4 get converted. If you increase the traffic to 1000, then you end up with 40 new customers.

Reason 3: Traffic Raises Your Long-term Potential

Only if people  see your auto dealer website, logo, business, content, and ads often, would they recall your dealership when they are about to buy a new vehicle. It is human nature that customers tend to buy from familiar businesses. 

Your web traffic might not bring in huge revenue initially. As more and more visitors come to know and talk about your brand, your dealership will become more popular, leading to a gradual uptick in traffic, leads, and conversions.

Reason 4: Traffic Guides Your Car Dealership in Designing Your Marketing Strategy

Without website traffic, you will not know what your audiences are expecting from your auto dealer website. 

Even planning for a successful marketing strategy itself requires some initial web traffic.

Reason 5: Traffic Helps in Retargeting 

Retargeting is one of the best ways to increase conversion rates. However, you need a steady stream of visitors, to deploy effective retargeting. 

That’s why increasing your traffic is imperative to retarget them with your ads. 

Retargeting really works well if you are launching a new car model before the traffic hits your website. You can also group your audiences based on their interests. For instance, if the visitor looked at the pricing or left from the specification page, you can retarget her with a pricing or finance offer.  

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