6 Powerful Facebook Ads Features That Improve Your Marketing

14 March 2018

 Facebook advertising is a powerful social marketing platform which can improve your car sales drastically. However, you can also lose money if your campaigns are not properly researched and optimized.  

Here are a few Facebook Ads features that will help save your marketing budget and improve your returns on investment (ROI).

Facebook Ads Feature 1: Use Audience Insights

One of the common ad targeting filters which your competition is also likely to be using is the audience income filter. 

However, you can take it a step further and use Audience Insights to target either all Facebook users, audiences connected with your page, or your custom audiences.

Facebook Ads Feature 2: Create Your Custom Audience

The audiences who have already involved with your dealership are more likely to be interested in your marketing efforts. 

Creating your own custom audience lists segmenting audiences who have already involved with your dealership will help to optimize your ad budget even better. 

Use this feature to match the right audience with the right Facebook ad strategy. Facebook will also help you in finding lookalike audiences with similar traits in the network.

Facebook Ads Feature 3: Go for Facebook Graph Search

Using your personal Facebook account, do a Facebook Graph Search. Start with ‘Pages liked by people who like [topic of interest].’ Facebook will then display a list of famous pages within the search. 

You will be able to group the relevant audience from the list and target them with your ad campaigns. 

Facebook Ads Feature 4: Making Use of Facebook Pixel

Facebook pixel is a code snippet that can be embedded on your website. It tracks the activity of Facebook users on your site, including visiting a page, asking for a test drive or quote, purchasing a car, etc. 

It basically helps in audience insights and tracking your conversions. You can also use it to trigger ads.

Facebook Ads Feature 5: Pay Attention to Expanded Interests

When you set up of your Facebook audience targeting, the ‘Expand interest’ option is selected by default. Deselect the option if you are targeting a particular audience group.

If not, you will be wasting your ad budget. 

Facebook Ads Feature 6: Monitoring Delivery Insights

If your ad campaigns are running for 5 consecutive days with a minimum of 500 impressions, then you will come across Delivery Insights in your ad account. 

It provides insights into the audience saturation, first-time impression ratio, ratio of the audience reached, and auction overlap. Use the information to fine-tune your campaign.

For more information on the effective Facebook ads features for your dealership’s success, Contact Us.


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