7 Outdated Social Media Tactics That Your Car Dealership Should Stop Doing

02 March 2018


Social media marketing is continuously evolving, and it is important to stay on top of the game. 

Even if you can’t see any measurable success after working long and hard on your social media campaigns, you still need to stay away from outdated tactics that bring negative results.

1: Posts with Only Links

Most of the social media posts redirect to their own content. We are not saying it’s wrong but your audience might lose interest and unfollow you.

Occasionally share interesting posts from others as well. Publish a mix of posts that are of your audiences’ interest.  

2: Not Using Hashtags

Hashtags work with most social media platforms, and they draw attention towards your posts. However, most marketers aren’t using the right hashtags to expand their reach.

You need to focus on the hashtags that have significant search volume with your target audience. The volume of hashtags across various social media platforms is also important. 

3: Don’t be too Salesy

If you are successful in social media marketing, then expect your follower list to grow exponentially. Don’t send those followers automated marketing emails or messages as soon as they follow your dealership. If it becomes too salesy, then they are likely to unfollow you.  

Instead, start engaging with them, build a good relationship, share informative content, and then pitch in with your marketing.

4: Stop Mass Following

Mass following is one of the common negative practices on Twitter and Instagram. True, many of the accounts will follow you back, resulting in an increase in your followers’ count, but they are unlikely to become your future customers.

Instead, follow accounts that are capable of growing your brand and reputation.

5: Using Auto-engagement Bots

There are various auto-engagement bots who automatically like or reshare the posts. This generates a fake impression to increase online activity and is supposed to boost your social engagement. 

In real life, this will not help much. Instead, it’s better to spend time and engage with these potential consumers.

6: Going with the ‘Best Time to Post’

The ‘Best time to post’ varies for different niches and targeted audiences. The best time for publishing your posts has to be researched, tested, and optimized. 

There are several features/tools on social media like Facebook insights, followerwonk, etc. that shows the time of your active users. Make the best use of it and decide on the timing your posts.

7: Forgetting to Optimize Your Content for Sharing

You already know how to optimize your content for search engines (SEO). But, have you optimized your content for social sharing? If not, it’s time to immediately act on it. Social sharing is a lot easier than search optimizing your content. 

You would know the social media platforms where your audiences are active. Introduce "share” buttons there to encourage sharing.

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