Why Keywords are Still Important for Your Auto Dealer Website’s SEO Ranking

07 June 2018

SEO keywords can be singular words or complex phrases that are used in your auto dealer website content to drive organic traffic. After Google’s Hummingbird and RankBrain algorithm changes, keywords seemed to be a lower priority than before, but they are not. It still plays an important role in improved SEO rankings.

Auto Dealer Websites: Major Keyword Types that impact SEO

Here are the common keyword types that impact SEO.

  • Branded and unbranded keywords
  • Head terms and long-tail keywords
  • Seed and page-specific keywords
  • Primary and secondary keywords
  • Local and global keywords
Why are Keywords Important?

Be aware that keywords are still quite important in securing a good SEO ranking. Especially, it improves the search ranking of your auto dealer website.

Reason 1: Keywords are Search Intents

Keywords and phrases are used by web visitors to search on online search engines like Google. These keywords let you understand the user intent on what they are looking for.

It is advisable to use keyword research tools to find popular keywords and include them in your auto dealer website content, in order to improve SEO ranking.

Reason 2: Keywords are Similar to Personas

Personas play an important role in shaping your marketing message and attracting the target audience to your car dealer website. However, if you try to target everyone at one go, then you cannot expect higher conversions.

Similarly, it is advisable to use a primary SEO keyword targeting a focused audience segment on every page of your auto dealer website.

How do you Choose the Right SEO Keywords for your Auto Dealer website?

Here are certain things to follow for choosing the right SEO keywords.

  • Understand your audience well
  • Create a Seed List with your audience’s understanding
  • Expand the list using relevant keyword tools
  • Group them based on their search intent
  • Plan and incorporate keywords into your auto dealer website content
  • Optimize the content regularly for improving your SEO ranking

Where should you integrate the SEO Keywords on your Auto Dealer Website?

As discussed earlier, rather than finalizing a particular set of keywords, adding keywords into your website content is important.

You can place the SEO keywords in URLs, Meta description tags, Title tags, Static content, Anchor text, Image and video captions, Schema markup, and more.

How to Integrate Your SEO Keywords?

Here are a few SEO keywords integration tips to improve your SEO ranking.

  • Don’t over optimize
  • Integrate it naturally
  • Focus on long-tail keywords
  • Test your content strategy

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