SEO Cheat Sheet: How to Improve Your Car Dealership’s Search Ranking

08 March 2018


Search engine optimization (SEO) is a challenge for most businesses, since it takes both time and money to get results. It also involves a lot of research to find out what works well and what doesn’t. 

Catch is, you can’t overlook it either. Without organic traffic, you cannot improve your dealer website’s search ranking.  

Here’s an SEO cheat sheet that helps you to steal search ranking tips from your competitors.

1. Improve Your Content Using Your Competitor’s Ideas

Better content plays a vital role in driving traffic and improving your website’s search ranking. Check your competitor’s content, improvise on it, and outrank them. 

For instance, if your competition has published a 1500-word article on a trending issue, then write one that covers the same topic with around 3000 words and double the keyword density.

Make a list of their blogs that have gained social shares and add them to your list. Consider BuzzSumo to find the most-shared content. 

2. Steal Your Competitor’s Keywords

Keywords are the most important thing that improves your website SEO. You will lose a lot of time if you do your own keyword research. Instead, steal the keywords from your competition and use it against them.  

There are tools like Alexa to know what keywords your competitors are using to improve their search ranking. This will save you a lot of time and effort. 

3. Research & Go for Your Competitor’s Backlinks

Stealing the backlinking tactic from your competition will drive high-quality traffic, increase brand awareness, and improves the ranking potential of your website. 

Using tools (Moz open site explorer) check the number of backlinks with your competitor and decide if their backlinking strategy is worth stealing. 

4. Make Your Dealer Website Faster than Your competition

Website speed is one of the key factors that improve your search ranking. Speed also impacts bounce rates and click-through rates (CTR). 

If Google finds out that visitors are abandoning your website before it even loads, then your site will be moved further down in search ranking.

Make your car dealer website load faster than your competitors, to steal their traffic and customers.

Check for your competitor’s page loading time with every device. If their website is running slow on a particular device, then use the opportunity. Optimize your website for better speed on that particular device and outrank them. 

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