Improving Customer Retention at Your Auto Dealership in 2019

06 February 2019

One of the guaranteed ways of driving business at your vehicle dealership is to improve your customer retention rates. This means the continued loyalty of your existing client base over an extended length of time. This is especially appealing since retaining a customer costs significantly lesser than obtaining a new one.

Customer retention makes your bottomline look much better as well, even if it’s demanding to hold on to your existing clients. 

In this article, we give you some tips to increase the customer retention rates of your auto dealerships.

01. Work On Your Tactics

If your clients don’t find your sales, marketing, and customer relationship processes relevant, you can be sure that they won’t come back to your dealership for repeat business. Certain words encourage customers to buy more than others, so structure your campaigns using them. 

Reduce pain points in order to sell more to regular buyers who are conservative with spending money.

02. Delivering Customer Delight the Right Way

When going above and beyond the usual in order to provide your customers with something exceptional, research has shown that it will have maximum impact when it’s served as a surprise. 

Handing out freebies and discounts can hurt your balance sheet, but smaller gestures that are cost effective work as well if your clients get it when they aren’t expecting it.

03. Quality is More Important than Speed

Studies have clearly shown that when it comes to delivering customer delight, quality and being complete matter more to clients than outright speed. 

Customers were found to be nearly ten times more likely to be engaged with a brand that delivered quality, than ones that were only quick.

04. Select the Right Platform

The best way to improve your customer service efforts is to utilize the channels your customers prefer. If it aligns with the channels that makes the most sense for your auto dealership, then you’ve a win-win scenario. 

There have been reports that email support is dead, but don’t believe it. Email is still the preferred method of communication for many people, and it certainly still has the power to be an effective channel for both promotional purposes and to just send out a simple thank you note to your clients.

05. Solve the Cause and Effect

The main goal of your customer service team is to solve the immediate problem, and to find and flag the root cause. By doing so, systemic issues can be rectified once and for all, and ensure that other customers avoid it completely. 

Customers nowadays are highly price sensitive, and they’re very likely to leave and cause your dealership’s churn rate to go up if they face problems with the vehicle or service.

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