Customer Retention Strategies that Really Work at Car Dealerships

27 February 2019

Managing your car dealership so that it keeps customer retention rates high is one of the most important priorities for an auto dealer, guaranteed to drive business. The basic definition of customer retention is ensuring the continued return of your current customers over a long period of time. This concept holds great appeal for vehicle dealerships, since retaining existing customers are much more inexpensive than finding new ones. 

In this article, we will give you some helpful pointers to raise customer retention levels at your auto dealership.

Give Loyal Customers a Head Start

When your customers go out of their way to recommend your product or service to others, let them know that you’ve noticed it and sincerely appreciate it as well.

Consumer research studies have conclusively shown that the biggest pitfall in preventing customer loyalty programs from succeeding is getting people started in the first place. 

Another way to recognize your loyal customers is with a referral program, which gives them a monetary reward when they refer someone who becomes a customer.

Meet Expectations First

Many dealers assume that customer delight can only be achieved by going above and beyond, providing exceptional service. 

In truth, showy gestures may not be the way to trigger customer delight. Studies have shown that customer retention and loyalty improves when their problems are solved quickly and easily.

This should be the goal of your dealership’s customer service strategy, and if it is followed, you will see customer retention rates going up automatically. 

Focus on meeting expectations and avoiding unpleasant surprises first, and only then go the exotic extra mile.

Know Your Clients

Having your team spend more time with each customer may seem foolish, but smart car dealers know that this isn’t true. 

Numerous studies have shown that customers view their dealership experience as more positive when they don’t feel ignored or rushed. Have employees spend time attempting to find out key customer traits, which can then be used to move the sales process along.

Additionally, utilize the conversation channels your customers prefer the most. Contrary to popular belief, email marketing is still going strong and has a lot of potential to connect with your client base, if you use it to send out relevant, interesting information without spamming them.

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