How to Use Mobile Tech to Boost Dealership Revenue

12 February 2019

Every auto dealership must ask themselves how mobile technology plays a role in facilitating what is done well at their dealership, and how they can leverage those advantages even more by using mobile devices.

Prospective customers these days are spending far more time on their mobile devices, and auto dealers need to incorporate mobile technology into their services in order to stay ahead of the competition.

In this article, we will provide you with a few helpful pointers on using mobile platforms to give your auto dealership a boost.

Providing Exceptional Value

Professionalism, courtesy, and going the extra mile deliver exceptional value to auto dealers, and mobile tech. can help. Extending services digitally is a sure-fire way of keeping customers returning to your dealership for repeat business.

Customers can be engaged better by enabling them to use their smartphones to schedule service appointments, facilitating access to their entire service history on a mobile device, and so on.

Making Use of Geo-Fencing

By means of geo-fencing, a virtual perimeter can be set up around your auto dealership. This makes it possible to send out a timely and personalized message whenever someone registered in your database passes through this location, in order to entice them with a call to action (CTA) to visit your vehicle dealership.

As long as it is done discreetly, geo-fencing can be a brilliant method to stay at the top of mind awareness of your clients.

Working With Customer Data Analytics

Mobile analytics can be used by auto dealers to make better informed decisions that will help maximize cash flows from both vehicle sales and service departments.

Information garnered from customer data analytics also allows car dealers to deliver highly personalized experiences to clients, in order to maximize the earning potential at every sales opportunity.

Get More Referrals Using Mobile Tech

Referrals have the double benefit of having a higher closing ratio, especially when referred by a trusted friend or family member, and costing far less than the usual leads. Especially with the wide use of mobile devices, digital word-of-mouth has become one of the strongest marketing tools for selling cars.

The ease of referring someone is the biggest advantage of a mobile-first strategy, since customers can share reviews and pictures over social media, internet messaging services such as WhatsApp, or even plain old text messaging or phone calls. Referrals from existing customers usually tend to be high quality, and these leads don’t require much convincing in order to convert and move along the sales funnel.

For more information on how mobile technology can be used to improve revenue generation, and to know how izmo can support your auto dealership,Contact Us.

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