How to Troubleshoot Your Auto Dealer CRM System

28 March 2019

Deciding to invest in a CRM System is a good step for any auto dealership, as it paves the way to generating more leads and higher sales figures.

However, a large number of car dealers, within a few months, find that their newly installed CRM System falls short in delivering the amazing results that were expected from it.

Interestingly, most often the problem is not with the CRM System itself, but with the dealer staff who work on it. The good thing is that most of the problems are easy to spot and quite straightforward to troubleshoot.

In this article, we will list out a few factors that may be causing things to go awry with your dealership’s CRM.

How to Troubleshoot Your Auto Dealer CRM System

Overdue or Incomplete Tasks

Every incomplete task in your CRM is a missed opportunity to connect with a customer and every overdue task could be a failed sale that caused your dealership to fall short of its sales target.

Both of these factors usually are indicators of flawed processes at your vehicle dealership, suggesting CRM processes that are way too difficult or time consuming to complete.

How Regular are Your Data Entries?

Most dealerships only take into account what has been entered into the CRM, which can lead to problems with inbound calls.

Many times, when a prospective customer calls, the dealership agent provides the information the caller asked for and ends the call without collecting any further details, contact info, and so on. More importantly, they’re unable to log the entry into the CRM.

This is a critical mistake, since without the customer information, no one will be able to follow up with them and move them along the sales funnel.

Is Your Data Transparent?

It is obviously impossible for any of your car dealerships to remember every single customer interaction that has taken place, and convey it to the relevant departments within the dealership itself. It is of the highest importance that accurate data and information about every phone call, both outbound and inbound, be entered into your car dealership’s CRM platform.

If this hasn’t being done, it will result in gaps in the functionality of your auto dealership and hamper the performance of your sales and marketing staff.

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