Email Marketing for Auto Dealers

29 March 2019

Email Marketing is a valuable way of communicating with your customers and prospects. It allows you to segment your target audience, qualify your database, and automate your promotions, enabling your car dealership to send personalized offers.
When planning an email marketing campaign, we recommend that Auto Dealers ask themselves a few questions:
01. To Whom Are We Sending Emails to?
It isn’t okay to send email blasts in the hope of getting responses from a few leads. You need to ensure that the emails being sent out are very specific and they reach only qualified prospects. 
If it’s anything else, you’re wasting the marketing budget of your auto dealership in advertising your services and products to people who aren’t interested in them.
02. How to Leverage Our CRM Data?
A good way to do this would be to access your dealership CRM and import leads onto the email marketing platform. Once this master list of potential and existing customers is made, it can then be segmented depending on preferred parameters. 
At this stage, email workflows can be automated to streamline the processes and boost efficiency. Ensuring that customer data is up to date is a must, so that your audience receives email that are of relevance to them.
03. Are We Automating Our Emails?
An automated email, which is also known as a workflow email, is the type of email that is automatically sent out after analyzing audience behavior. This saves a lot of time and manual work for your staff.
For instance, if a person goes through the vehicle detail pages (VDPs) of different SUVs on your auto dealer website, they will automatically receive an email that contains details of ongoing offers on SUVs at your dealership. This email will also contain a Call to Action (CTA) that will invite prospective buyers to explore these vehicles.
04. Can the Impact of Our Email Marketing be Measured?
The success of any email marketing campaign isn’t measured only by Click Through Rates (CTRs) or open rates. Design your email strategy so that it fits well with the overall strategy of your car dealership. Focus on KPIs such as organic search traffic, leads, inventory views, sales, and so on.
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