Anchor Text: How to Optimize it to Improve Your Car Dealership’s Ranking

16 May 2018

First things first – an Anchor Text is a "clickable” hyperlinked text that links to another website or a page on your own car dealer website. It is one of the important search engine organization (SEO) ranking factors that improve your Google ranking.

Anchor Text Types

Before optimizing the anchor text, it’s important to know various types of anchors, which helps in planning the anchor text in your car dealership website content.

  • Partial Match
  • Exact Match
  • Naked Link
  • Generic
  • Branded
  • Images

Best Practices for Anchor Text Optimization

Following these anchor text optimization tips can improve your car dealership’s website ranking.

Anchor Text Tip 1: Brief Text, Please

There is no restriction on anchor text length but it is best to keep it short and sweet. The main aim of an anchor text is to describe the page you want to link to and compel visitors to click on the link.

During backlinking, keep a track of your anchor texts. It is advisable to use anchor text/backlink monitoring tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs, etc.

Anchor Text Tip 2: Natural & Versatile Anchor Text is Important

The anchor text and the page it is linking to should provide value to the readers. With the increase in Google’s smart algorithms, you should wisely choose and incorporate your anchor texts. If not, you will have to face issues with your search ranking.

It is advisable to link the anchor texts to relevant and high-quality authoritative web pages. This increases the trust factor, SEO, and the Google ranking of your car dealer website.

Anchor Text Tip 3: Relevant Text is Preferred

As long as there is relevant anchor text back-linking to your website content, your dealership website is safe from being penalized by search engines.

Since Google is now focused on improving the user experience, relevancy plays a vital role in search ranking.

Anchor Text Tip 4: Watch the Keyword Density in your Anchor Text

It is a known fact that after the Penguin algorithm update, Google is closing watching keywords and its density. If there are too many exact keywords with the same anchor text, then it may appear to be suspicious.

For best results, follow good SEO practices, and use natural and diversified anchor text phrases than repeating the same keyword again and again.

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