9 Holiday PPC To-do’s to Boost Dealership Car Sales

12 November 2019

The Holiday season is fast approaching and this is the right time for auto dealerships to pull out all the stops. Check out nine holiday Pay-per-click (PPC) to-do’s that can boost your car sales.

1. Review Previous Year’s Results

Analyzing the previous year’s results will help you understand which campaign, channel, and strategy worked well for your car dealership during the last holiday season. 

2. Plan Your Marketing Funnel

Every PPC campaign needs a plan to move your target audience further down the sales funnel. Planning this before writing PPC copy will help you to optimize your campaign.

3. Choose Your Channels First

To yield best results, plan your PPC campaign as a part of your overall campaign strategy. This needs to include a mix of organic and paid content.

4. Build Your Audiences

Along with existing audiences, you need to target new ones including the friends of your customers on Facebook, followers, people who engaged with your content, car dealer website, "lookalike audiences”, and more. 

5. Design Creative Ads and Landing Pages

Your Ad copy is important and it should lure your audience into your dealership. The ad content and landing pages should also build trust in your auto dealership. 

6. Research for Holiday Specific Keywords

It is crucial to create campaigns for the holiday season around holiday specific keywords. Don’t waste money on irrelevant keywords that will not attract ready-to-buy prospects.  

7. Leverage Ad Extensions

In Google and Twitter Ads, you can add extensions that provide more relevant information. These ad extensions can drive traffic to your car dealership website, increasing both traffic and sales.

8. Plan Special Offers

Plan special offers for the holiday season. You may offer flat discounts on your services, provide coupons, and surprise gifts.

9. Simplify the Car Buying Process

Almost every customer dreads the car buying process. Take great care not to frustrate your customers with lengthy processes, instead, make it simple and let them enjoy the rest of the holidays. 

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